Dried Herring And Cod Skin Chews

One of our two ingredient products we call chews is premium healthy treats made from Atlantic Cod skin and smoked Baltic Herring. Product contains 100% fish! The high content of proteins completely satisfies the protein needs of your dog. Cod skin contains lot of collagen! Collagen supplementation can help improve a dogs skeletal, skin and coat health.  Also high in Omega 3 and low in fat. The natural Omega 3 fatty acids support a healthy nutrition. Gently air-dried to retain the good qualities of product. We slowly dehydrate each piece to create this healthy treat.

Ingredients: Light Smoked Baltic Herring Heads,
Atlantic Cod Skin

Crude protein ... 67.2%
Crude fat ... 14%
Crude fiber ... < 0.2%
Moisture ... 9.9%
Ash ... 11.68%
Omega 3 ... 3.5%

Shelf life 24 months